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perfect bundt cake

. . . . This would be a far cry from e-mails from folks in some faraway country telling me a long lost relative with the same last name has died and the money could be mine soon. All I have to do is send them some money. Clearly they don’t understand social networking, venture capital and the new marketing order at all. It’s not about the money, it’s about the network!

A few days later, I was forced to face reality. My friends and followers just weren’t doing the job. I know I only have 125 Twitter followers and 900 Facebook friends, but come on! Doesn’t someone have an idea? You can tweet about the beauty of the sunset or the perfect bundt cake you just baked, but in response to my question … nothing. You can provide ongoing status updates on your bout with the swine flu, but for the chance to contribute to a column idea, nada? Except for Jeff. Sorry, I won’t write a story about you.

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CHICAGO—September 24, 2009—37signals is now a $100 billion dollar company, according to a group of investors who have agreed to purchase 0.000000001% of the company in exchange for $1.

. . .

A $100 billion value for 37signals is “not outlandish,” says Aanandamayee Bhatnagar, a finance professor and valuation guru at Grenada State’s Schnook School of Business. Bhatnagar points to a leaked, confidential corporate strategy plan that projects 37signals will attract twelve billion users by the end of 2013.

How will the company overcome the fact that there are only 6.8 billion people alive today? “Why limit users to people?” said Bhatnagar.

In order to determine the valuation of companies, Bhatnagar typically applies the following formula: [(Twitter followers x Facebook fans) + (# of employees x 1000)] x (RSS subscribers + daily page views) + (monthly burn rate x Google’s stock price)2 and then doubles if it they use Ruby on Rails or if the CEO has run a business into the ground before. Bhatnagar admits the math is mostly a guess but points out that “the press eats it up.”

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Pimpy3wash just finished doing a round of laundry. Hacklab.toilet just flushed and mattsoffice tweeted that the temperature is 83.3° F.

It might seem like just another day in the Twitterverse, where prosaic, personal updates stream throughout the day. Except @Pimpy3wash, @hacklab.toilet and @mattsoffice are not real people: They are a washing machine, a toilet and an array of home light and temperature sensors. Each of them, with help from some microcontrollers, wires and Arduino boards, have been rigged to answer Twitter’s basic question: “What are you doing?”

“It started as a joke,” says Seth Hardy, a researcher for an anti-virus company who modified his toilet to tweet. “I don’t like Twitter much and think everyone puts up very mundane stuff on Twitter. I thought, ‘Why not have my toilet in there, too?’ Now it’s turned into a fun way to test out the Arduino boards.” His twittering toilet, @hacklab.toilet, now has more than 580 followers.

As Twitter’s use has exploded, the service has seen a twittering cat (the British kitty, Sockington, is fast approaching a million followers), a duck, an R2D2 and even a kegerator that tweets from Wired.com’s office. But unlike these profiles, where humans are merely pretending to be the cat or robot on whose behalf they post, tweets from appliances are the real thing.

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The Value of an Idea: Act XII, Scene III

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Girls has idea.

Boy likes the idea.

Boy and Girl chat the idea up.

Boy registers the domain name, starts company. Girl helps boy out.

Then the question becomes: How much is the idea worth?

Just as the idea unfolded on the web that never forgets, the new quasi-sage continues over the blog post, twits, comments, re-twits, and more blog posts.

Read, digest, process, learn

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